The East Asia Institute has an extensive collection of East Asia curriculum materials available for your use. They are housed in our resource room at the OU-Schusterman Center. To schedule a time to look at the available materials, please contact Rex Burnett at 918-660-3497 or

Are you interested in teaching or studying in China? Click here for a list of programs recommended by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

New teaching resources from the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia: Asia for Everyone Educational Resources

One of the main purposes of this website will be to provide resources for all teachers of East Asia languages.  This will include:  readings, worksheets, activities, power points, youtube videos, and links to useful websites.  Look for these additions in the beginning of 2014.

Many teachers of East Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean may have problems adjusting to American school systems and learning what methods work best in teaching American students.  Another goal of this office is to provide useful and practical training to help these teachers transition into American school systems.

Professional development opportunities will be provided and supported by (NCTA)the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, the Confucius Institute at OU, and the East Asia Institute at OU.  These professional development opportunities will be available beginning in early 2014.