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Fall 2017 NCTA Seminar: Modern China Faces the Future

Start Date:October 21st, 2017
End Date:November 11, 2017
Time Detail:Saturdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location:OU Schusterman Campus-Tulsa, Room 1D18
Type of Course:Face-to-Face Seminars and Workshops
Audience:K-12 teachers
Course Description:5 session seminar series that explores the Chinese culture, its philosophy, history, art, and language. We will explore China’s present and future opportunities, the many facets of Chinese traditions and culture, and its ongoing struggle with history and modernity.
Registration and Info:

For more details on the course, click here.  Please fill out this form to register: https://okitea.publishpath.com/2017-ncta-application

Offered to:Oklahoma

Power points: Dr. Buoye 1.GMD-CCP.ppt 12._POSTMAO.ppt 2.Rise of Mao and CCP.ppt 3.WAR-CIVIL WAR.ppt 4.MAOIST.VISION.ppt5.GLF.ppt7.CULT.REV.Mass.Mobil.ppt9._Rise_of_Communism.ppt                   

Rex Burnett:  TAOISM_Rex NCTA 2017.ppt                                                                                  

Dr. Jessica Stowell:  Buddhism in China 2015 .pdf Confucian thought across East Asia 2016 for NCTA .pdf

Spring 2017 NCTA PD on Japan
Course Overview: Presenter: Dr. Elyssa Faison, Associate Professor of Japanese History at the Univ. of Oklahoma
Occupation-era Japan - Feb. 4th from 9:30 am – 1 pm. Click here for PPT.

War Memory in Contemporary Japan - Feb 11th from 9:30 am – 1 pm.  Click here for PPT.

Fall 2016 NCTA PD on China

Course Overview: This course is a look into Chinese culture, its philosophy, geography, history, art, and language. We will visit China’s glorious past, the many facets of Chinese traditions and culture, and its ongoing struggle with history and modernity.

Session 6: Dec. 10th - Dr. Jonathan Stalling - "Tang Poetry"

Session 5:  Nov. 19th - Dr. Tom Buoye - "U.S. China Relations"
PowerPoint #1
PowerPoint #2
PowerPoint #3
PowerPoint #4
PowerPoint #5
PowerPoint #6

Session 4:  Nov. 5th - Dr. Pete Gries - "Communist China"
PowerPoint #1
PowerPoint #2

Session 3: Oct. 29th - Dr. Li Xiaobing - China's "One child, two child policy"
PowerPoint #1
PowerPoint #2
PowerPoint #3

Session 2:  Oct. 8th - Rex Burnett - Chinese Education, culture, and language 

Chinese Education      Cultural differences  Chinese Language

Session 1:  Oct. 1st Dr. Jessica Stowell - Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism

Buddhism    Taoism     Confucianism

2016 NCTA Study Tours  - See China and Vietnam!

 EAI-NCTA Japan:  Tokugawa Era and the Meiji Restoration

Dr. Elyssa Faison
PowerPoint #1 from Dr. Faison's presentation
PowerPoint #2 from Dr. Faison's presentation


AFE Fall Book Groups Start Soon!

Learn Chinese and Japanese history through literature appropriate for the classroom with one of three book groups. We offer a chance to explore Chinese Literature since 1980, a Japanese story of a shipwrecked boy, and who-done-its that date back to the Song dynasty. Read on your own time; participate in an online conversation about the texts. Professional development hours available. Get more info on the serieshere– or peruse each group below!

Sep 16-Oct 21
Modern Chinese Literature 1980-2000
 Following the Mao era of artistic persecution, authors in the early 1980s experimented with new forms, themes and voices. Explore short stories that delve into this period of social, political, and ideological change that you can read with your students!

 Sep 20-Nov 4
Heart of a Samurai (Middle School Teachers)
 Read this true story of a shipwrecked 14-year old boy from Japan who travels back to Fairhaven, MA, with the whaling ship that rescues him in 1841, and later plays a role in the establishment of relations between Japan and the United States in 1854.

 Sep 30-Nov 24
Chinese Crime Fiction: Past and Present (High School)
 Popular during the Song and Ming dynasties, crime fiction often featured judges who exposed wrongdoing through brilliant deduction – and sometimes supernatural forces. Explore Chinese history and contemporary society through popular stories of crime and detection revealing age-old issues of injustice, corruption, and greed.

 For more information on these events, go here.

2015 Faculty Development Fall Seminar

Sponsored by The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) and administered by the East Asia Institute at the University of Oklahoma

Title:  “The Sleeping Dragon has Awakened”
About:  We will visit China’s glorious past and discover the many facets of Chinese culture that make this country so mysterious and diverse.

Who: All K-12 teachers who would like to integrate Chinese culture into their classroom
Where: OU Schusterman in Tulsa, OK. 74135. Main Building, Room 1D18.
When: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Oct. 3rd, 10th, 24th and Nov. 7th, 14th, 21st and Dec. 5th (Book Study)

 · $100.00 stipend
 · 28 hours of professional development credit
 · 3 primary source books
 · Presenters who are noted experts in their field
 · Access to the online resources at http://afe.easia.columbia.edu
 · Refreshments and lunch provided
 · Off-site connections
 · Aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards (PASS)

NCTA Study Tours 2015

NCTA provides advanced study for selected NCTA seminar alumni by organizing study tours in East Asia. Congratulations to all of our teachers who completed the 30 hours necessary to participate in the NCTA Study Tours to China and Japan this summer.                                                                                                                   The deadline for the Study Tours are Feb. 2nd or the 6th (depending on which tour you choose).                       Please visit Study Tours 2015 to find out which trip would be best for you.

Contact  rexburnett@ou.edu


2015 NCTA Seminar Class Documents

October 3rd session:
Chinese Education PowerPoint
Chinese Language/Idioms PowerPoint
Cultural Differences PowerPoint

Jessica Stowell: The Three Teachings 
 Confucianism: Filial Piety and Humaneness
 Filiality http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/ps/cup/classic_of_filiality.pdf
 Taoism: The Secret of Caring for Life
 Buddhism: The Illustrated Dhammapada On happiness
 The Path http://www.buddhanet.net/dhammapada/d_path.htm
 Religion in China today:
http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/cosmos/prb/whatis.htm please read all 5 sections shown in boxes across the top: What is Popular Religion; Funerals memorials and the afterlife; Gods of the Heavenly Domain; Gods of the Earthly Domain; Gods of the Underworld.
Buddhism PowerPoint
Taoism PowerPoint
Confucianism PowerPoint

 Peter Gries Presentation
China Through American Eyes PowerPoint
America Through Chinese Eyes Power Point
Newman Scholars in Chinese Studies Program
Faculty Development Grants

Li Xiaobing Presentation
Geography PowerPoint

 2015 Japan Seminar Class Documents

Seminar welcome letter
January 17th Agenda
January 24th Agenda
War: 1931-1945 PowerPoint
Potsdam Declaration
U.S. Japanese Interment

Click here to view past NCTA lesson plans.

 2014 China Seminar Class Documents

November 1st Session
Nov 1 Agenda
 Presenters: Dr. Jessica StowellBuddhism in China Power Point
Confucianism 101 Power Point
Mr. Rex Burnett Daoism Power Point
 Website links:

November 8th Session
Nov 8 Agenda
 Presenters: Dr. Jessica Stowell Qin and Han Dynasties Power Point
Dr. Thomas Buoye Click here to see his presentation documents.

November 15th Session
Nov 15 Agenda 
 Presenters: Dr. Jonathan Stalling Click here to see his presentation documents.
Dr. Peter Gries China Through American Eyes
America Through Chinese Eyes

November 22nd Session 
Nov 22nd Agenda
 Presenters: Dr. Li Xiaobing Chinese Geography 
Mr. Rex Burnett Chinese Educational System

December 6th Session
Dec 6th Agenda
 Presenters: Mr. Rex Burnett Chinese Culture
Chinese Language
Ms. Peijen Chou Calligraphy

 Red Scarf Girl Study Guide